The Australian Pink Floyd Show

David Domminney Fowler

Guitar / Vocals

When did you join Aussie Floyd?

End of 2010

Favourite Pink Floyd album?

The Wall

Favourite Pink Floyd song to listen to?

The Final Cut

Favourite Pink Floyd song to play?

Any Colour You Like

How did you get in to Pink Floyd?

A friend of mine played me Another Brick In The Wall Part II when I was 12 and challenged me to learn the solo. I then watched the show on the BBC in 1994 and fell in love.

What other bands do you like?

Blur, Supergrass, Ben Folds Five, Queen, Reef, too many to name.

If you weren’t in a Pink Floyd tribute what tribute would you be doing?

I've got the hair to do the guitar job in a Queen band but in reality it would probably be Blur.

Have you met any Floyd members?

I have met David Gilmour and Nick Mason a handful of times.

Least favourite Floyd album?

A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

Funniest moment on stage with TAPFS?

The thin sheet that took projections in front of us failed to fall, and then when it did halfway through the next song it took my mic stand a few metres across the stage.

If you weren’t a musician what would you be?

Computer programmer or filmmaker, maybe a bit of both.

Best thing about touring?

Experiencing other cultures.

Worst thing about touring?

Slow internet, cold weather and not having my car.

Favourite venues?

Montreal Bell Centre, Royal Albert Hall, Glasgow Hydro, O2 London... again, too many!

Most enjoyable gig?

Rimouski festival in 2015.

Funny touring story off stage?

My girlfriend was almost shot in the head in Texas.

What instruments do you play?

Guitar and Keys (a bit).

When did you start playing music?

10 years old.

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