The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Luc Ledy-Lepine


Luc started playing guitar at age 11 when his mother bought him his first electric guitar in a yard sale. He had many early guitar influences, Dire Straits, The Eagles and Van Halen (anything with great guitar solos) but it was hearing High Hopes and then Echoes that opened the door to him becoming a huge Pink Floyd fan.

Luc was inspired by his guitar teacher at school, and at 16 spent a year studying music in the US. After his studies he was certain that a career in music was what he wanted to pursue.

He is sadly too young to have seen Pink Floyd live, but has been lucky enough to see David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Nick Mason several times during their solo tours.

Luc first met some of Aussie Floyd when he was 14, and they were impressed with his guitar abilities at such a young age. He dreamed of one day joining the band, and made it clear he would be available should he be needed, and ten years later his dream came true.

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