The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Alex François


When did you join TAPFS?

Summer of 2022 for their N.American tour. However, I wouldn't become a further pain in their side until March of 2023.

What is your favourite Pink Floyd album?

The Dark Side of the Moon

What is your favourite Pink Floyd song to listen to?

The Great Gig in the Sky. The emotional and musically harmonic range of the song are nothing short of incredible.

What is your favourite Pink Floyd song to play?

Money; Dick Parry wailed on some choice notes that make the solo incredibly fun to play.

How did you get in to Pink Floyd?

Hanging out with my brother when I was 20, he played me Dark Side "front to back" a few times. He was a big fan of Floyd and Tool, at the time.

What other bands do you like?

Gil-Scott Heron, Mark Sandman and Morphine, Still Corners, Midnight, I've been getting into "Men I Trust" lately.

If you weren’t in a floyd tribute what tribute would you be doing?

Motown but to be honest, anything with a horn section.

Have you met any Pink Floyd members?

No, unfortunately not. I got to meet the pink kangaroo once, but no one believes me 😢

What is your funniest moment on stage with Aussie Floyd?

I thought I had more time to use the washroom than I actually did during Great Gig in the Sky. No time to dry my hands off, almost missed my cue in Money!

If you weren’t a musician what would you be?

I'd either work in computers, printing/publishing, or in a café or pub. Part of me does enjoy dealing with people and I have an average tolerance to BS.

Best thing about touring?

Seeing places I've never been to before, but I also take comfort in the schedule (and its consistency), and being able to eat when I need to. In this particular situation I am also blessed with an amazing team, both band and crew.

Worst thing about touring?

The 4th/5th days of consecutive shows do get tiring on everyone.

Favourite venues?

Chateau St. Michelle in Washington, USA. A gigantic beautiful place, and a large swarm of very die-hard fans that had been waiting for us for hours.

Most enjoyable gig?

The first and the last one!!

Funny touring story off stage?

Accidentally getting drunk the night of the day-off and not the night before. Thankfully there was only one instance in which that happened!

What instruments do you play?

I mostly play sax but I had begun on oboe, I play some keyboards and have dabbled in mallet percussion, and consider myself a "decent" back-up singer.

When did you start playing music?

Started as a band nerd at age 10. By 18 I had found I enjoyed it so much, I put myself through the sick masochistic ritual of learning music theory. That however, didn't seem to stop me.

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