The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Aussie Floyd delight their fans at Regent, Ipswich

Sadly Pink Floyd as a band are no more. Rick Wright has gone to the Great Gig in the Sky, and Messrs Waters, Gilmour and Mason have made it clear that they can’t see themselves performing together any more after their Live8 set in 2005.

But for the fans of the band there’s always the Australian Pink Floyd show which paid another triumphant visit to the Ipswich Regent this week.

They’re regular visitors to Ipswich. There’s a large, appreciative cohort of fans for their superb show, and this year it was a complete sell-out.

Every show tends to put a spotlight on one of Floyd’s iconic albums. This year it was the 1975 classic Wish You Were Here which dominated the first half. The second was a run-through of Floyd’s best-known tracks from their other albums.

To see and feel Floyd’s music accompanied by a superb light show and animations takes their work to a new level – and the Aussie band are all superb musicians who really put their heart and soul into the production.

By concentrating on one album for the first hour, we were given the opportunity to see and hear a track that isn’t normally featured – Have a Cigar is too often ignored, perhaps because it doesn’t feel quite such a “Floydish” track as some others on Wish You Were Here.

And there was a nice touch at the encore with a track from the last Floyd album, The Endless River,

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