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The USS Midway in San Diego (By Steve Mac)

So here we are again on tour in the USA. Although we've been touring the US for 10 years it's always a thrill to visit here due to the many great sightseeing opportunities. We had a day off in San Diego and since I'm a keen aviation fan I suggested paying a visit to the USS Midway Museum. USS Midway is an aircraft carrier that was commissioned one week after the end of World War II and decommissioned in 1992 - but fortunately, instead of being sent to the scrapyard, it is now a floating museum. There were five of us who simply could not say no to paying her a visit.

Our first impression was that she is big, really big! In fact 4500 men and women lived on the USS Midway when she was in service.

We couldn't help but compare it to life on our humble 12 berth tour buses, which can soon feel a tad overpopulated on a long tour – but, despite the Midway's gigantic size, I just couldn't imagine living on a vehicle with 4500 other people for several months at a time. Hat's off to all those who sailed on her for not only fulfilling a very important role in history but for also coping with the extreme conditions.

The USS Midway Museum's website is here:  If you ever get to San Diego it's well worth a visit.

I could go on all day but you'll find everything you'll ever want to know about this amazing ship online. Here are a few photos of our incredible day out...

The Museum entrance

Both of our Colins taking it all in....

The lads in front of an Avenger

The ship's laundry

A food mixer fit for 4500 crew


Cauldrons big enough to swim in

The huge computer room. Apparently it would take 32,600 of these rooms to have the same processing power as an iPhone!

The flight deck

Mission Control

Takeoff Coordinator

The enormous floating runway

The Skipper's office

The engine room control panel

Air Fleet in 1991...

Air Fleet in 1965.

and in 1945.


The USS Midway is an awesome ship in the true sense of the word. Walking amongst the crew's quarters and getting a mere glimpse of what these brave men and women endured was a very humbling experience indeed. It was an experience we shall never forget.

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