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The Saxophonist's New Clothes (By Mike Kidson)

Clothing prices in the USA are, in general, rather lower than in most of the places where TAPFS tours, so in recent years I've taken to topping up on stage gear during our North American runs. A favourite source for suits since 2011 has been Kim's Menswear at Washington and West in downtown Boston MA, and I shall certainly be dropping by there on October 19th, assuming that they open on a Sunday! This year, though, I managed to make a purchase on our very first day in the USA, having been alerted to a promising shop which, with a little Googling, turned out to be Leroy's Menswear, situated at 2nd and Pike in downtown Seattle WA, only a few minutes via Seattle's monorail from our hotel.

What I had in mind was something to vary the “pimp look” I tend to go for during “Money”, having been trotting out the same zoot suit for that song for three years now.  Once in Leroy's small but well-stocked shop it didn't take me very long at all to home in on a rack of three piece suits in dark purple – just the thing!  (OK, so one of the suits in lime green or sky blue might have been just the thing too, but we like to keep the men's stage apparel dark in TAPFS, just as Pink Floyd used to.) After a few minutes of chatting with the very affable Leroy, one of whose most treasured possessions is a signed photo of Mick Fleetwood, delivered by chauffeur-driven limousine after Mick had visited his establishment, I had a very nicely fitting jacket and waistcoat and a pair of trousers which were about six inches too long in the leg! When I explained to Leroy that I was only passing through town and would need alterations doing within 24 hours, he cheerfully replied that he could do them in 24 minutes, picked up a pair of shears and told me to take a walk around the block. What a guy. And what a nice way to start this year's North American tour!

While in Las Vegas I picked up an extra pair of shorts, being not too well supplied. I don't generally wear shorts (except on stage during “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” after Steve Mac suggested a Steve Irwin look!), but in the desert heat of Arizona then Nevada I've been exposing my hairy, dead white little legs a bit, and we have the Florida shows still to come. The shorts I picked up are quite unremarkable – charcoal grey Wrangler cargo pants – but when I came to put them on I heard an unexpected rattling sound... and when I checked the pockets I found that one contained a cheap plastic woman's bracelet! Had I been shopping at Goodwill or some other thrift store or charity shop this might now have surprised me, but this was a brand new item.  Or is it?  I don't really want to think about that too much!

Watch this space for further TAPFS clothing adventures! Or possibly something completely different...

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