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Singing with Pink Floyd vs The Aussie Floyd Part 3 (By Lorelei McBroom)

I missed out on doing the “Pulse/Division Bell” tour. My son Miles Litteral was only one year old at that point in 1994. Sam Brown had a one year old too and Polly Samson had two toddlers as well. They didn’t want it to become the “nursery tour” so I missed out but have no regrets. I actually developed a hyperthyroid condition that year and it could have been very dangerous for me to have been traveling without diagnosis and treatment while on a long tour. I ended up turning down tours with Guns N' Roses, Simply Red and Don Henley to start a family - another decision I will always be happy I made. I didn’t want other people raising my son. I split with his father in 2000, soon after my own father’s passing. We suffered financially. Durga asked David Gilmour to help us get to the funeral, and he paid for Miles and me to go to L.A. I will always appreciate him for that! Miles is a much better person because he had my parental guidance and love through thick and thin. Once my son was 16, the universe rewarded my sacrifice, putting me back on tour with Rod Stewart in 2010 after a 20 year absence from the road.

In 2011 I was looking for another band to join after returning to New York so my son could go to a better school. Most of Rod’s band members were based in L.A. so I was replaced. I really wanted to sing Pink Floyd’s music and had read following Richard Wright’s death that David Gilmour stated Pink Floyd would no longer tour. I asked all my muso friends who had the best Pink Floyd tribute and they all said, hands down The Australian Pink Floyd. I emailed them through their website and their manager wrote back to me and offered me a chance to guest with the band when they came to the U.S.A. on their upcoming tour. I’ve been touring with them ever since.

Durga did a guest spot in Anaheim, California in 2011 with me, singing a duo version of “Great Gig in the Sky” that’s approaching 400,000 hits on YouTube. She joined us again in 2012 and we did an interview discussing our careers for the Aussie Floyd that is also on YouTube.

Middle: 2012 INTERVIEW

Nick Mason asked Durga and me to join him at the Goodwood Festival of Speed the following summer in 2012 to sing “Great Gig” with him.


I have seen Guy Pratt, Jon Carin and Gary Wallis as well at various events and concerts (NAMM, Roger Waters' Wall tour and at the V Festival with Tom Jones.)


What is it like to tour with the Aussies? I love it! The best part about it is performing Pink Floyd’s music with some GREAT players every year. The music is performed with tender loving care.  The lights, lasers, inflatables also distinguish the Aussie Floyd from many other tribute bands I’ve seen.  Colin Wilson (Aussie Floyd's bass player) is also an illustrator. Both he and David Fowler (guitarist/vocalist) have made some really unique films for our circle screen that pay homage to Pink Floyd’s visual creativity. So many others just recycle Pink Floyd’s visual work. The Aussies take a more original approach, sometimes coming up with modern concepts that apply to classic Pink Floyd messages, like in our current video for “Pigs”. The animation for “Fletcher Memorial Home” is another I applaud the Aussies for when it comes to a fresh take on a familiar theme, thanks to Colin’s illustrations which he had animated.

I do miss being able to improvise like we did on the Pink Floyd tours I was on. David Gilmour was very liberal about letting us add vocal parts and ad libs that weren’t on the original recordings and some musical parts as well that I miss, like in “On the Turning Away” where live the drums drop out so the choral vocals are highlighted. On “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2” Guy added a funkiness to the bass part that really added something special for my taste. Durga and I added some cool ad libs.

Nick Mason told me he figures the Australians have done more gigs than Pink Floyd ever did. In his opinion the Aussies have earned the right to improvise in their interpretation of Pink Floyd’s music.  He is a fan of Pink Floyd tributes taking chances, like the “Dub Side of the Moon”. I’ve heard terrific versions of “Have a Cigar” by the Foo Fighters and Probot, but those are artist bands, not tributes.

The Aussies figure that, after trying different ideas over the years, they maintain a steady following by sticking close to what people already know. The respect and attention to detail given by the founding Aussies testifies to why they’ve been able to sustain a 26 year career playing Pink Floyd’s music world wide annually. They do integrate live album versions of songs and bootleg ad libs here and there. Considering that we don’t have the budget Pink Floyd did, I think the presentation is amazing!

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