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Mr Wilson's Mondayitis Episode 2 – The origins of Mondayitis, day off bowling & ‘Ne Pas Fumer’ (By Colin Wilson)

G’day and welcome, or indeed, welcome back if this is your second visit. As I mentioned last week, I’m calling this ‘Mr Wilsons Mondayitis’ – for now at least. Let’s explore that title a bit more. Why ‘Mr Wilson’ – well for some reason people around here often call me Mr Wilson, and although I like to think this might be a mark of respect in some way, it also sounds like my Dad is nearby. After all, to me, ‘Mr Wilson’ always used to be my Dad. Mr Wilson is also the neighbour in ‘Dennis the Menace’, which is a whole other story. (Actually my neighbour’s 5 year old son has taken to calling me Mr Wilson, which is very funny and very cheeky!)

Now to the ‘Mondayitis’ part of this title. What exactly is ‘Mondayitis’? I’m sure all of you out there that have to get up for work or school early every Monday morning, having just had the weekend off, will be screaming at your screens. Everybody surely knows that Mondayitis feeling and that dread in the pit of your stomach. From some languages the word for Monday literally translates as ‘the day after the holiday’ which you’ll agree is pretty grim. I think however it’s high time that our feeling about Mondays were turned around, so for starters I’m changing the meaning of Monday. I’m currently in France, as you know, where the word ‘Mon’ means ‘My’. So from now on, Monday is ‘My day’. (Ok, we’re off to a good start) Next, I’m going to do something on Mondays to treat myself – I might buy myself something frivolous that I want on Mondays, or call a friend, or eat a cake! (Right, is this working? Probably not) And, also, er it’s the start of a new week that could be better than last week and erm – oh crap, it’s still Monday and we’ve all still got Mondayitis! Sorry, I can’t change that for you within the ramblings of this simple blog. Listen to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams right now before it’s too late! A perfect chunk of poptastic fromage to hopefully help you through the gloomiest of Monday blues. The more rebellious folks out there could even take this a step further. The word Monday literally comes from ‘Moon day’. Perhaps a little Monday ‘mooning’ would not be entirely inappropriate?!!!

Since I wrote last, we have done some very well received shows across France. I’m happy to report that apart from a few cases of the usual winter coughs and colds, the band is sounding good and the show is a notch or two up from last year. We’ve also had days off in Paris, Dijon and today, Toulouse. The Dijon day off found us in a hotel right next door to a bowling alley. A quick check during the afternoon told us that there was a Pizzeria restaurant in the same building, so plans were made to eat and bowl that evening. It’s nice to do something along these lines every now and then on a day off, and the evening was great fun all round. Dave, Alex, Wendy and I had a couple of games and I was reminded of the ‘random’ nature of bowling when you are an amateur like me. I think I managed about 4 strikes across the two games, but each one was followed usually by a gutter! Strange how, to me I’m doing the exact same thing each time I hurl the ball toward the pins, and yet the outcome can be so totally different each time. Still, the enjoyment is definitely in the taking part, and not in the competition.

The Three Amigos

And finally, (drags soapbox out from corner of room and climbs on top), what is it with the French and smoking? Come on, it’s 2014 and the rest of the world seem to have realised that it’s just not pleasant at all to smoke indoors. I think the average French smoker (of which there are many) must put out more smoke than the average Australian bush fire, or than the entire industrial revolution! It’s incredible. Really, there must also be a correlation between smoking and the inability to read, because those French ‘Ne Pas Fumer’ signs are doing nothing! This is actually a top tip for any novice travellers – if you’re booking a hotel in France, and it says the hotel is ‘No Smoking’, don’t believe it! My advice would always be to check Tripadvisor first, and don’t just read the first few reviews on the first page – delve a little deeper to find out if and how the ‘Non Fume’ signs are working in your chosen hotel. OK, I’m back off my soapbox.

But really, come on France; NE PAS FUMER!!! Do it for the kids!

And on a much lighter note, we’ve celebrated three band member birthdays during this past week or so – Lara, Paul and yours truly – plus Marnie merchandise too! Busy times! Thanks for all the birthday wishes, presents and deposits of cash! ;-)

Rock star birthdays this week include Alice Cooper, Axl Rose, Duff McKagan and Vince Neil. Cripes.   

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