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Mr Wilson’s Mondayitis – The end of the European Tour 2014 (By Colin Wilson)

So here we are, another Monday on the road. This year’s European tour has been quite exhausting if I’m perfectly honest and I seem to have developed a few repetitive strain issues along the way.(you’re not getting any younger, ha ha…Ed.) I’m sure they are nothing that a good few weeks R & R won’t fix! We’re currently on the last show of a 5 day run in Austria which has been fantastic – the Austrian audience really love their Pink Floyd and it’s been nice to do a few more shows than usual in this country . (I hope nobody over here mis-read the posters and expected the ‘Austrian’ Pink Floyd Show though!!!) One of our Austrian reviews stated “The perfect illusion of a resurrection”!!! I guess that’s pretty good!

Today’s stop is Innsbruck, close to the western border of Austria with Germany.

It’s show number 59 for the year so far for anybody who likes to keep up with these things. That’s a lot of shows since we started at the very end of January in Monaco! We’ve had a lot of very successful gigs and have met some very enthusiastic fans along the way – we even lost a truck off the road in Poland but managed to not lose any equipment to breakages! Quite a miracle that nobody was hurt and that the show that day went on as usual on time! Bravo to everybody and huge thanks for everybody’s hard work and professionalism throughout the whole tour – we really do have a very fine group of people involved in this show.

I may not post here again now until later in the summer. We have a North American tour booked and on sale and I will no doubt have some tales to tell from that, so stay tuned, readers!

I’m keeping this blog short but must make a mention that it was Mother’s Day in Australia yesterday – so happy Mother’s Day to the Aussie Mums – your boys all miss you and send their love.


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