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Gadgets for Giggers #1 (By Steve Mac)

Let's just stop for a moment and consider the day to day life of our trusty production team. All of them are seasoned professionals who typically finish working on an Aussie Floyd tour and are immediately parachuted into another tour, leap-frogging their way around the globe whilst sending their pay packets back home to their spouse, children and sometimes even their mother. For most that means working away from home and being on the road pretty much all year round. Some of them work with high tech equipment on a daily basis. It's their passion, their vocation. Many of these Joe 90s boast all of the high tech mod cons and tools in their homes and have houses fit for Tracy Island, but they seldom return home to appreciate them.

Fortunately nature steps in and we see the classic roadie survival instinct surface as they bring their passion for technology onto the road, albeit on a more portable scale, and that means one thing... gadgets!

One of the benefits of touring with these seasoned pros is that you get to see and hear about all kinds of clever gadgets from all over the world, purchased to not only provide themselves with some well needed R&R but to also help them do the best job they can. And there's some very clever stuff indeed, from the extremely complicated to the utterly simplistic these gadgets are equally invaluable to all who use them on the road.

We've worked with some serious gadget-heads over the years and due to this year’s aptly named “Set The Controls” tour it seemed fitting to pay tribute to these remarkable individuals and to include a tour blog with a few fine examples of…. "Gadgets for Giggers".

Over the coming weeks I'll be quizzing all 40 of our production team and band about their favourite gadgets for both work and pleasure culminating with a special award for the top three tour gadgets.

To commemorate this outstanding achievement the owners of the top three tour gadgets will be known as "The Three Gadgeteers".

A highly revered title indeed.

We'll get the ball rolling next week with the first offering, so fellow Gadgeteers…. stay tuned and watch this space!

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