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Aussie Floyd Girls Back On The Road! (By Lorelei McBroom)

The recent film "20 feet from Stardom" speaks with some of the greatest backing vocalists in the business about what they do. Being a backing singer takes a special skill, not only being able to blend well and dance well with your fellow backing singers (also known as "bvs"), but everything we do gives balance to an often all male band. I never know when I join a section how the personalities will blend (or not), but when it's good it's superb! I have had the pleasure of singing with some really great ones in my day, and my partners in the Aussie Floyd backing vocal section are no exception. Lara Smiles, Emily Lynn and myself have developed a wonderful bond! They were fairly new to the experience of performing in front of thousands of Pink Floyd fans. I do my best to offer insights based on my performing experience and they have done an excellent job bonding with me. Our vocal blend is fabulous and we have a flow I can depend on!

After being off tour for the past 5 months, when we came together to choreograph new moves on a new song in the set it was great fun! I have missed my girls since we are friends too. Returning to Monaco was lovely and our venue was about twice the size of the one we played there last year! Some of the fans I am closest to as friends live in France, like Bruno Dubois and Etienne Scotty Fourier. They are always gracious, adorning us with gifts. Scotty, as we call him, does beautiful graphic artwork and he brought me a terrific band poster for this year's tour titled 'SET THE CONTROLS" -

I had great fun roaming the streets of Paris à la Joni Mitchell's "FREE MAN IN PARIS" and I enjoyed riding the metro to do some sightseeing. I was expecting much more tantalizing fashion, but thankfully given what a "fashionista" I can be, I wasn't tempted by anything I saw ;) 

The Eiffel TowerLorelei and Bruno Dubois

Etienne Scotty Fourier, Lorelei and Stephanie Fourier.

The girls got new dresses to debut in Paris!

We're digging our new purple dresses. More to come so stay tuned!

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