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Au Revoir France (By David Domminney Fowler)

Almost in the words of The Fast Show, this week I have mostly been eating kebabs, and it's our last French show tonight and it's been great. I know that's an obvious thing to say but it's true, France is always a great place to play (and the kebabs are pretty nice as well). We have some good friends here, they know who they are, and it's been a pleasure to see them.

You can't go anywhere venue-wise without seeing where British people have toured before you, the signs are everywhere. Every time I saw the word 'piste' on a wall it was usually accompanied by the word 'off' or 'up' in marker pen.

The French audiences are not to be messed with. I think it was the Paris gig that caught my attention the most, a few people stood up to enjoy themselves and the (in my opinion) over-zealous security told them to sit down. Instead of doing as they were told, more people stood up and the vibe of the gig went up a level. Don't get me wrong, I don't want people feeling uncomfortable at our shows, but the audiences are pretty polite and therefore can be trusted to enjoy themselves without causing harm or upset to anyone else. I also think when a person is continuously singled out for filming or taking photos just because they are nearest to a security guard it's a little unfair. In this day and age we have to expect cameras and phones, one guy last night had a GoPro and he filmed almost the entire set. The guy with the iPad was taking the p**s a little though, they are pretty bright and he stood out a mile. If you find yourself in a situation where you are enjoying yourself and not affecting anyone else's enjoyment but a security person tells you to stop having fun, feel free to show them this rant! Vive la Revolution....

The day off in Toulouse was a joy. I left my hotel room and got rained on for half an hour while I went in search of not one, but two kebab shops, for blog research purposes of course. Both kebabs were only €5 and the second came with fries, although they were rawer (if that is a word) (It isn't. Ed.) than a late 60s Pink Floyd bootleg. The first tasted like a roast lamb baguette and the second more like traditional chicken doner meat in a wrap. Doused with plenty of harissa, the nearest thing to chilli sauce over here, both were divine for different reasons.

The first kebab - roast lamb in a baguetteIn search of a second kebab
The chef that prepared my second mealThe chicken doner with extra harissa

The venue in Toulouse was almost as exciting at the kebab situation. It's lovely to see so many big prints of other artists that have performed in the venue previously. One stood out, we were all certain for a while that our very own Steve Mac used to be in The Pixies before the diet.

A few others also caught the eye. Apparently Francis Rossi can levitate, and Ian Gillan has been caught in a bare foot scandal for the millionth time, Sting finally provides the solution we have been looking for and that guy in the red suit must be earning a fortune to put himself through that. He's probably got a degree in theatre science or something equally empowering. I've added some captions and you can repost with your own captions if you so desire. One was already defaced by some reprobate or other, he knows who he is – the swine.

So farewell to France and hello to the UK where I will be mostly spending my 3 days off finishing up the album that Jason and myself recorded with various friends at the end of last year. A quick shout to our friend Ricky Dean Howard (bass player and one of the vocalists on the album) who is in the German charts with his single 'Tears Will Fall'. Good luck Rick, we are all proud of you. More news of our album to follow soon. Until next time, goodbye!

Francis Rossi can levitateIan Gillan in bare foot shockerPoor sod
Sting provides us with a solutionPreviously defacedWhere's our kid?
There really is no excuse for thisJazz has moved on somewhatI'd rather have a hotel room, thanks


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