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A Sunny Start (By Jason Sawford)

We've been in the United States for just under two weeks now. The flight from Heathrow to Seattle took about 9 hours and for several days we had been struggling with the effects of jet lag and some of us catching up on an hour of  sleep here or there at all times of the day. The audiences over here are very lively and are very appreciative and demonstrative of  their appreciation of the show which helps us to generate a little extra energy for the first week.

My memories of  previous U.S tours has often been shaped by the smell of waffles and syrup for breakfast. The sweet smell of donuts and coffee that fuels this wonderful country is something I always enjoy when I first arrive on these shores. America is a country of abundance and food and what can be said about it? The food here can be incredible but it can also be terrible if bought at the wrong place ; some of the worst, most bland sandwiches have been purchased at service stations on route to various destinations but  I have also enjoyed some of the finest meals I have ever experienced as well as some more unusual dining experiences as I did yesterday in Las Vegas in which Dave ,myself and a couple of friends had lunch at a place called 'Dicks' where the staff are deliberately rude and tips are based on how bad the service was (the food, however, was excellent).  Every time we prepare for another U.S tour several of us will try to go on a diet as it's very easy to slap on a bit of extra girth on these tours. The traditional after show pizza on the bus is one of those rituals  that we have had to curtail on this tour; snacks that we have in our dressing rooms now  tend to consist of fruit and water in an attempt to stave off the temptation of ripping into a packet of addictive Cheetos or one of the multitudinous choices of snacks screaming to be eaten.

The west coast part of the tour has now come to an end. We enjoyed the Californian sun raining down it's cheerful rays onto the resort  at Humphrey's in San Diego; a very pleasant interlude for us as we enjoyed a day off by the pool. Performing by the water is always a pleasure and reminds me of other shows-in the harbour of Valletta in Malta or in Greenwich by the Thames in London . As the darkness of the evening descends we enjoy the fresh sea air and the lights from the boats shine like candles in the blackness and these moments crystallise into a happy memory of the tour.

Sadly such glories do not always last and the fine weather will change over the next few days as we travel to other parts on our itinerary but the rain will not stop us performing here at Salt Lake City tonight nor, hopefully, our audience from enjoying the show.


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